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Why Choose Us?

Our Business Model
To best serve our clients’ needs, we provide a best-in-class team approach, whereby we engage and coordinate the efforts of experts in law, technology, online marketing, and operations.

We strongly believe that, when solving a problem, two heads are better than one “expert.” Thus, our consulting and valuation solutions are based on diversified wisdom.

Our Values
We build our relationships with customers, employees, partners, and suppliers on trust, mutual benefit, and cultivating patience.

A Brief History
Alex Tajirian founded DomainMart in 1996 as the first domain name marketplace. DomainMart expanded its offerings to domain registration services in 11 languages, escrow, Web hosting, leasing, protecting online identity, appraisal and valuation, monetization consulting, and managing Corporate Training. To better serve our clients’ needs, in 2007 we decided to focus on our core expertise of domain name valuation, consulting, and engaging best-in-class teams.

Clients (past & present)

Our clients span 5 continents, including

  • International

    Darkreach Communications International Pty Ltd (Australia); Eco Bank (Benin); ID-Gruppe (Germany); Pair Group (Hong Kong); (Russia), MUTV, Birmingham International Airport (UK)

  • US

Lions Gate Entertainment Inc., Lynda R. Keeton CPA, LLC, Network Solutions, PG&E, The Perrier Group of America, United Media, and the following law firms: Buter, Buzard, Fishbein & Royce, LLP; Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, LLPCowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C.; Gevurtz Menashe P.C.; Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt P.C.; and Pigott & Johnson.



"Thanks for your help. Your customer service has been exception al ..."

G. Sachs, VP of Strategy, Imperial Trust

"Thanks so much for your help. I am not sure how I would have managed without you in this stupid process."

S. Linzer,

"I appreciate you looking out for my best interests. I will definitely recommend you to anyone selling or looking to buy a domain. have a good day."

Kevin M., Xpics

"Thanks very much for your extensive advise. I will certainly consider hiring DomainMart when I find a buyer."

M. Dansik

"The two [domain-names] were originally slatted to be registered by [… ], but after today being the 4th day since the order, instead of resubmitting it to them I decided to go with you again. Your less expensive, faster and courteous."

G. Crawley

"We would like to personally thank you for your hard work and diligence in pushing this transfer through. We can not express our thanks enough. Although it has taken a little longer than any of the involved parties expected, you have shown to have the clients' best interests in mind."

L. Johnson, Partner, (Canada)

"I really appreciated the smoothness of the last transaction and would like to give you all of our future domain transactions."

Stewart (Germany)

"you are indeed a saviour my friend. I really appericiate all the help you've given me in this lengthy process."

R. Hughes

"Thanks for all your help, I know you are at the mercy of InterNic just like everyone else."

M. Bailey, Birmingham International Airport, UK

"I think you provide an excellent domain broker service to the internet community."


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Bill Gates
DomainMart was featured as one of the pioneers in this business, week of August 22, 1996. Special thanks to Michelle Mahoney.
How Domain Names Spell Profit, by John Fontana, (September 30, 1996).
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