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Studies & Opinions

Google’s Number of Search Results Can Undervalue Domain Names

Alex Tajirian

February 28, 2004


The number of search-engine results for a word/phrase implicit in a domain name is a significant predictor of a domain name’s value. However, using only results from Google can significantly undervalue a domain name.  

A recent study by DomainMart found that Google accesses fewer search-result pages than AlltheWeb 42% of the time that a keyword search is performed. Thus, one needs to consider both search engines when appraising domain names.

Nevertheless, the question that appraisers need to answer is how to quantify the impact of the number of search results on the value of a domain name? That is, how much weight should be given to the numbers associated with Google and AlltheWeb? Only statistical pricing models, such as the ones used by DomainMart, can provide the answer.