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Studies & Opinions

Reinforcing Brand Names With Typo Domains

Alex Tajirian
December 18, 2007

While trying to reach, I accidentally typed in the browser. To my surprise, no site turned up.† When I refreshed, the browser defaulted to Google with a message saying, ďDid you mean:Ē

Of course, having no site is one option for the owner of a typo domain name. But users without a site to find tend to become frustrated, with negative results for online brand image. Another approach, of course, would be to have an instantaneous forward to Motorola.comís home page. A third would be to set up a page that indicates the correct brand name and then, within a reasonable time, automatically refreshes to the correct site.

The first option is the least desirable, the second does no harm. Itís the third that adds positive value. By flagging the userís error and showing the correct logo, the third approach bolsters the brand name and alleviates any concerns about the missing Web site.