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Corporate Domain Management (CDM)
Key Features

With your representative, our experienced CDM consultants perform a detailed analysis of your existing domain name portfolio.  Together we tailor a strategy to satisfy your company's needs.  We also help you determine other names you that may require and the optimal brand name protection method that is appropriate for your company’s needs. After we consolidate your portfolio under one account, your CDM consultant and our dedicated customer service staff are available to meet your ongoing needs. Each quarter we provide you with a report and an invoice. And at any time you require your CDM consultant is available to enhance your portfolio of digital assets.

Our service includes:

These items are explained in detail below.


  • comprehensive review of all existing domain names

  • availability of desired names that are not currently owned by the company

  • strategic positioning of domain name requirements in new domain spaces (e.g., .biz, .info) and other country code spaces (e.g., .jp,, and

  • competitive analysis regarding intellectual property protection

Portfolio Consolidation

  • transferring and centralizing of domain names within your company to one account managed by DomainMart

  • registering other name requirements

  • updating domain name details, e.g., administration and technical contacts

  • providing highest level of security (lock down security), for the gTLD domain names within the portfolio

Single Billing and Reporting

  • consolidation of expenses into one quarterly invoice

  • a list of names under management, transaction status, and renewals pending

Account Management

  • ongoing strategic advice regarding domain name requirements to enable continued brand presence and protection

  • one-to-one customer service

Active Management

  • flagging of renewals to ensure retention of your valuable names

  • assisting with new registrations, modifications, changes, transfers, and other functions related to your domain names

  • selling domain names that no longer fit within your corporate portfolio

  • monitoring intellectual property violations

  • implementing a flexible 3-step recovery and acquisition procedure for names registered to a third party
    Step 1: research and contact current registrant

    Step 2: anonymously negotiate with current registrant

    Step 3: transfer ownership and escrow funds, if applicable