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Corporate Domain Name Management (CDM)


Who Protects Your Corporate Brands And Business Names on the Internet?

Your company has probably spent thousands of dollars registering names, trademarks, and service marks to protect your valuable intellectual property. But are your company's names, brands, and trademarks protected on the Internet?

Have you resolved these critical issues?

  • How many domain names does your company own?

  • Does every department have an independent domain registration policy?

  • Who manages your corporate domain names? When that person gets transferred or leaves the company who becomes responsible for your corporate domain names?

  • When a site that spouts pornography uses a domain name similar to yours, do you have a response plan?

Developing A Strategic Approach

An ad hoc approach to management of your corporate brands and domain names on the Internet wastes precious financial resources that include legal costs and unproductive use of your employees’ time. The cornerstone of your company’s future is its brand and reputation. Simply through inattention on your part, unscrupulous porn site operators place a stain on the basic building block of your company.

Companies have just started incorporating a strategic approach to domain name management.  They realize that effective digital brand protection reduces their financial exposure, optimizes their online brand presence, and preserves their hard earned reputation. At DomainMart we eliminate costs related to administration, security, renewal, local presence requirements for international domain names, and brand protection.

Why Do U.S. And Multinational Companies Use DomainMart?
We are experts in online brand management and protection. We have been providing sound expert advice and one-to-one customer support to international companies with their domain name needs since 1996. We are uniquely positioned to register, act as a broker/agent, and handle trademark management for your domain names.

For domain names are our core business. We understand policies and procedures regarding all registration services across all major gTLD spaces such as .com, .net and .org, as well as country codes such as, and to name a few. And as your company operates in an increasingly global economy, domain name management becomes a valuable and an invaluable asset.

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